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Born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa. Michael has been living in Germany and is based in Hamburg.

He learned hairstyling classically in a salon and then switched to an apprenticeship for hair, make-up and special effects. After further time in the Aveda Salon, Michael passed on his knowledge as an instructor for make-up, skincare and haircare for another 4 years to

Atout Cosmetics and Niche Beauty, among others.

Due to many years of experience, Michael is an absolute skin-expert, hardly anyone understands and reads the skin in such a deep way and with such passion as he does. He is  able to advise and respond to each client individually. A high degree of empathy and the ability to abstract and implement important details of the customer characterise his work, while always keeping his finger on the pulse. In doing so, he often exceeds the client's expectations. His passion for hair has developed parallel, Michael is a perfectionist and combines both parts to create a perfectly matched image. He is known for his high demands on the look, and a feeling for the moment where an “edge”, a special touch can be added. Michael’s customers value his particular professional, uncomplicated and courteous manner.



Der aus Südafrika stammende Michael Mayer verfügt über mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung in der Beautybranche und hat seine Karriere in den Bereichen Hair, Makeup und Skincare entwickelt.


Michael schafft Momente für die wichtigsten Mode-, Kultur- und Lifestyle-Marken der Welt und steht hinter den kreativen Prozessen von Marken und Talenten wie Montblanc, Ewan McGregor und Alexa Chung, so wie Kampagnen von Bulgari mit der russischen Fotografin Kat Irlin und einer Reihe deutscher Persönlichkeiten.


Er ist bekannt für seine hohen Ansprüche an den Look und das Gespür für den Moment, in dem eine besondere Note, gesetzt werden kann. Michaels Kunden schätzen seine besonders professionelle, unkomplizierte und zuvorkommende Art.

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